The environment encompasses and interacts with all living species and impacts, directly and indirectly, the climate and all-natural resources that affect human survival and economic activities.

Climate Change

However climate change effects are already visible, e.g. rise in temperatures, reduced precipitation, extreme weather events. Through sustainable natural resource management

Rural Development

Rural areas are the main target of development interventions. Securing livelihoods and enabling development in rural areas is indispensable in order to reduce migration to the cities

Welcome to AgriClima Consulting

AgriClima Consulting is an advisory company that offers high standard service in an environment of international cooperation.

Our international team has a multicultural profile with highly qualified technical experts.

AgriClima Consulting works in the area of sustainable development, blockchain for land records and real estate, blockchain technology in agriculture, livestock improvement, agribusiness value chain, agriculture, LCA, LCC, biodiversity conservation, rural development, migrants, asylum seekers, food security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, education, training and extension services, policy, legislation, monitoring, and evaluation.


AgriClima Consulting commitment to Blockchain technology

The advantages of Blockchain include:
- Thanks to disintermediation the system is able to work without any central data
storage or expensive infrastructure in one hands. The costs are redistributed
among the network.
- High quality of transaction data.
- Fast money or property management transactions.
- Reducing transaction costs by eliminating intermediaries and overhead costs.
-Efficiency document management.
- Creating self-describing smart contracts with existing applications.
- Traceability, tracking goods.

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