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Climate change is already happening in the world today, and largely caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases. Changes to the earth’s climate have included: warming of the atmosphere and oceans, reduced snow and ice, a rise in the level of the oceans, and changes in rainfall patterns and climate extremes.

Climate Change

However climate change effects are already visible, e.g. rise in temperatures, reduced precipitation, extreme weather events. Through sustainable natural resource management and conservation, ecosystems can provide important adaptation services, such as food, especially for the poor, water retention, coastal protection, etc.


Rural Development

Rural areas are the main target of development interventions. Securing livelihoods and enabling development in rural areas is indispensable in order to reduce migration to the cities and preserve agricultural productivity.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation systems must be designed to reflect the achievement of project objectives as expressed in targets to be met over time. The costs of the monitoring and evaluation efforts must be related to the likely returns in improving implementation and the spin-off effects.


Circular Economy

‘Circular economy’ in agriculture centers on the production of agricultural commodities using a minimal amount of external inputs, closing nutrient loops and reducing negative discharges to the environment (in the form of wastes and emissions)


Agriculture is both the theoretical study and practical application of farming, such as the cultivation of cereals and livestock breeding. However, there still remain huge opportunities for research and development in the agricultural sector, which to this day is one of the largest employers worldwide.



Climate change and environmental degradation are profoundly shifting contemporary migration patterns. In that context, AgriClima has to expand its expertise on the topic to anticipate and respond to the needs of migrants. This includes providing better evidence, supporting policy development at global, regional, and national levels, and developing adequate operational activities using blockchain technology.

Curriculum development

A curriculum is a set of learning activities that are undertaken by a group of people. A curriculum spells out what learning activities will undertake in a specific period, the learning objectives of these activities, when they will take place (i.e., the learning program) and how each will be facilitated (i.e., the learning methods).