We are a growing and dynamic multi-discipline advisory company

AgriClima Consulting is a dynamic firm providing wide spectrum services in the fields of Environment Protection, Climate Change, Agriculture, LCA, LCC, Livestock, Blockchain for Land Records and Real Estate, Blockchain Technology in Agriculture, Education, Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Policy. The geographical coverage of the company is the European Union, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Pacific.

AgriClima Consulting is constantly looking for professionals to work with us on long-term and short-term assignments around the world.

AgriClima Consulting is a multi-expertise company that provides services in multiple areas of Education, Curriculum Development, Monitoring, and Assessment.

AgriClima Consulting is a company that provides services in multiple areas of Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Poverty Reduction, Energy, Water Management, and Food Security.

Our services

• Project identification and proposal preparation
• Full project development from design to implementation, monitoring, and evaluation
• Coordination of large and small national and international teams
• Capacity building and policy integration
• Also, we provide support for:
∗ Sustainable development
∗ Livestock improvement and value chain
∗ Agriculture, rural development and food security
∗ Climate change mitigation and adaptation
* LCA and LCC
* Blockchain
* Migrants
∗ Education, training and extension services
∗ Policy and legislation
∗ Monitoring and evaluation
∗ Contracts and agreements
If you are interested in joining us as a short-term or long-term expert for an assignment, please apply for a ‘Spontaneous application’ (click on Tenders, Spontaneous application and Apply). As soon as we receive a call that matches your profile we will get in contact with you.

Our team

Our team consists of experts from the fields of climate change, international policy, agriculture, livestock and environment protection with knowledge of the full project management cycle and proven backstopping capability.

Our company

AgriClima Consulting is a company with extensive knowledge of sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation, legislation, cooperation, education, training, and sustainable development.

Our work

Our experts have extensive and long experience of collaboration in large national and international projects with the World Bank, FAO, UN, Ministries, NGOs, and private firms in several countries.

Our clients

Our multidisciplinary teams work for international organizations such as the World Bank, FAO, UNDP, USAID, EUaid, as well as for national governments and several bilateral and multilateral development organizations.